"Active members are women who are employed in educational work at the time of their election to membership with three or more years of experience as professional educators or have been retired from an educational position no more than two years. An active member shares in financing chapter activities, participates in chapter programs and projects, contributes to committee work, votes and may hold office. (Retired educators continue as Active members unless health or residence require a change of status.)"

Do you have someone in mind as a new Gamma Chapter member?

Candidates for membership must conform to the following description:

Women educators who are employed in an educational position or as a self employed educator,are retired educators from an educational position and live in one of 17 countries where DKG is established. Note: there is no longer a 3 years in education requirement.

You can download and print the Membership Form below and have your potential member return the completed form to the Membership Committe c/o Reba Barney .

View the Membership Form as a Word document.
View the Membership Form as a PDF document.
NOTE: To email one of our members, simply click her name and an email will be addressed to her in your default email program. Linked names are in blue text; if a member's name is not blue, this means that she does not have email.
Angeletti, Mary Ellen Jones, Catherine
Barney, Reba Katonak, Joanne
Biglin, Dr. Elizabeth Keifer, Carol
Bordelon, Carolyn Koenig, Michele
Cardinal, Mary McDonald, Judith
Cermelj, Ginger McPherson, Beverly
Clark, Angie Mullins, Willa
Clark, Ellen Panning, Esther
Conroy, Rosemary Pletcher, Alida
Farrenkopf, Pat Poland, Martha
Fatig, Beverly Ruehrmund, Linda
Fuhrman, Dorotha Schwenk, Marlynn
Grimes, Sharon Seubert, Mariruth
Guinther, Mary Tossey, Sally
Halter, Janet Trask-Tyler, Sandie
Hendrickson, Diane Valentine, Judy
Henschen, Dorene Wheeler, Katherine
Herfel, Sara Wiedenheft, Mary Anne
Hinton, Miriam Wright, Linda
Howson, Janet  
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