2018 - 2019 COMMITTEES
NOTE: To email one of our committee members listed below, simply click her name and an email will be addressed to her in your default email program. Linked names are in blue text; if a member's name is not blue, this means that she does not have email.
Katherine Wheeler , Chair
Michele Koenig, Treasurer
  Dorene Henschen, Co-President
  Mary Cardinal, Scholarship
Judy Valentine, Grants-in-Aid
  Carolyn Bordelon
      MEMBERSHIP - See Membership Recommendation Form
  Willa Mullins, Initiation
  Alida Pletcher , Necrology
  Michele Koenig, Historian
Mary Ellen Angeletti, Chair
  Sandie Trask-Tyler, Chair
  Katherine Wheeler
  Reba Barney
  Janet Halter
  Michele Koenig
  Mary Ellen Angeletti
  Mary Ann Wiedenheft
  Esther Panning
  Judy Valentine
  Dorene Henschen
  Linda Ruehrmund
Mary Ellen Angeletti, Chair
Eileen Young
Janet Halter, Chair
Michele Koenig, Redbook
Ellen Clark, Website Manager
Mary Cardinal, Chair
Sherry Grimes
Judy Valentine, Grant-in-Aid
Cathy Jones, Co-Chair
  Dorotha Fuhrman, Co-Chair
Angie Clark
Marlynn Schwenk
Mariruth Seubert
Reba Barney, Chair
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